Those who can, do. It’s no secret to my friends and family that I enjoy working with my hands, especially on cars. My house is littered with projects: broken electronics waiting to be re-purposed, dead bicycles ready for new life, and of course several cars at any one time that always seem to need something. Just this weekend I revealed a third car to my friends that doesn’t get out much, the 1988 GMC pickup that I drove to and from high school. With my friends being accustomed to me having two sporty vehicles (already one more than anyone else I know at my age),Read More →

Hello! Welcome to the blog. My name is Brayton McKnight, and I’m a recently graduated mechanical engineer in California. I work in the aerospace industry, but my passions include things a little more down-to-earth. I’ve been into cars since I was a child, clearly evident by the shelves and shelves of plastic models and wall-to-wall posters of race cars in my childhood bedroom. In parallel, the interests that would eventually lead to a degree in mechanical engineering developed. I was always into bike riding as well, though I found that I enjoyed the work on the bikes and the customization as much as, if not moreRead More →