During a recent trip to the junk yard, I happened upon a BMW e39 M5. A rare enough find on the road, finding one of these cars in a wrecking yard is almost impossible. Even better, it was largely intact. It was trashed, as most junked cars are, but it had a few valuable pieces left over. One of these pieces is the gauge cluster. This particular one was in almost perfect condition, and a quick check on eBay shows that they can sell for upwards of $500. Score! However, I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling a part like this for so much money without beingRead More →

Those who can, do. It’s no secret to my friends and family that I enjoy working with my hands, especially on cars. My house is littered with projects: broken electronics waiting to be re-purposed, dead bicycles ready for new life, and of course several cars at any one time that always seem to need something. Just this weekend I revealed a third car to my friends that doesn’t get out much, the 1988 GMC pickup that I drove to and from high school. With my friends being accustomed to me having two sporty vehicles (already one more than anyone else I know at my age),Read More →

To be completely honest, I am slightly overwhelmed with this project. The car needs so many things already (power steering leak fix, new radio, reglued door panels, tires….) and this turbo install is no small task. However, one step at a time, and I saw an opportunity to make some progress without taking the car out of commission by removing anything important. The intercooler that came with the kit was supposed to be a direct bolt on to the front bumper, requiring no modification. Sure. How often do statements like that ring true? Upon removing the bumper, it quickly became clear that it was notRead More →